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Nanowrimo 2014 Summary

I won Nanowrimo for the fifth time this year. For the fifth time, I was able to compose 50,000 words of fiction within 30 days. Only as I’ve mentioned before, I opted to be a Nano rebel this year. I didn’t write a novel. I wrote short stories. I wanted to see how the experience …

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Nanowrimo: Updates on My Rebellion

Yes, another writer posting about Nanowrimo. It’s kind of a thing right now. Day ten is upon us. If you’ve followed this blog, or my Twitter, you know I took the Nano Rebel route this year. Rebel being someone who uses Nanowrimo, but doesn’t engage in all the official rules of same. To that end, …

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It’s Not Always the Author’s Business.

When I write fiction, I’m more of a planner. Yet even I don’t know everything about the worlds or characters I create. There are authors who do detailed character sketches and outlines of their settings. I do that sometimes, but not usually. And even when I do it, I don’t necessarily have a bunch of …

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Subtraction is a Plus.

When I’m writing the first few drafts of a fiction piece, I find it much easier to take things away than to add them. That isn’t to say taking away is always easy. I can fall in love with my stuff as much as the next writer. But if I get to a “done” type of …

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Nanowrimo 2014

It’s almost that time again. In little over a month, Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) will be in full swing again. I will once again take part. Sort of. I decided last week I was going to be what they call a Nano rebel. I will not write a novel this November. Rather, I will …

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