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You’re Better at Revisions Than You Think

Cutting your manuscript for length may not be as difficult as you fear. Yes, there is the concept of “kill your darlings” that you have probably heard somewhere around a billion times in the writing world. In other words, so goes the advice to writers, be prepared to save your manuscript by removing sentences, pages …

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Reading and Writing a Series

As a reader, I avoid starting a series of novels. Multiple adventures with the same set of characters that each exist as a stand alone novel? Fine. I can handle that. Yet I have rarely touched a series of novels that must be in sequence, wherein you’ll not have the “grand” resolution until you read all …

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Ten Days Out for Flowers of Dionysus.

Ten days from today, on the 21st, I will launch my first novel, the community theater based story called Flowers of Dionysus. Writing and editing are of course done, and for all intents and purposes the technical stuff is completed as well. If I pushed a bit, I could probably launch it any day now. But …

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I Am Not Freddie Mercury

My singing voice is a bit rusty these days. I used to sing more often, and have even appeared in a few musicals. Plus the occasional karaoke night. I’ve been told that with practice and work, I would have a “very good” singing voice. When in top form, I can even hit a few high …

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One Month Until Launch

To announce the one-month countdown to the launch of my novel, Flowers of Dionysus on June 21st, I’d like to share with you the cover I’ll be using for the e-book version. This charming cover was designed and produced by my friend and fellow author/self publisher, J. Lea Lopez. She also helped out with line editing for …

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