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And I don’t refer to the atrocious winter weather Maryland has experienced lately. I’m referring to what I’ve been calling Novel 2. I’m disappointed to report that as of now, what was to be my second “official” novel is being iced. Stuck in a drawer. Shelved. Whatever term you prefer, the point is this; I am …

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I Don’t Rely on an Unreliable Narrator

I don’t know about this “unreliable narrator” thing. It’s not illegitimate. This is a matter of my tastes as a writer and reader. I’m not so set in my ways that I’ll declare my tastes will never change. That being said,  so far in my writing and reading life, my tastes run quite counter to the unreliable …

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Nanowrimo 2014 Summary

I won Nanowrimo for the fifth time this year. For the fifth time, I was able to compose 50,000 words of fiction within 30 days. Only as I’ve mentioned before, I opted to be a Nano rebel this year. I didn’t write a novel. I wrote short stories. I wanted to see how the experience …

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Nanowrimo: Updates on My Rebellion

Yes, another writer posting about Nanowrimo. It’s kind of a thing right now. Day ten is upon us. If you’ve followed this blog, or my Twitter, you know I took the Nano Rebel route this year. Rebel being someone who uses Nanowrimo, but doesn’t engage in all the official rules of same. To that end, …

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It’s Not Always the Author’s Business.

When I write fiction, I’m more of a planner. Yet even I don’t know everything about the worlds or characters I create. There are authors who do detailed character sketches and outlines of their settings. I do that sometimes, but not usually. And even when I do it, I don’t necessarily have a bunch of …

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