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I Am Not Freddie Mercury

My singing voice is a bit rusty these days. I used to sing more often, and have even appeared in a few musicals. Plus the occasional karaoke night. I’ve been told that with practice and work, I would have a “very good” singing voice. When in top form, I can even hit a few high …

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One Month Until Launch

To announce the one-month countdown to the launch of my novel, Flowers of Dionysus on June 21st, I’d like to share with you the cover I’ll be using for the e-book version. This charming cover was designed and produced by my friend and fellow author/self publisher, J. Lea Lopez. She also helped out with line editing for …

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Meet the Character: Archibald LeMay

The fifth and final point-of-view character for my upcoming novel, Flowers of Dionysus is Archibald LeMay. LeMay is probably not evil by most standards, but he is certainly unethical and even more certainly unlikable. Appointed the interim-president of the Little Dionysus Playhouse by the Board of Directors before the adjourned for the summer, the man seems …

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The Lost Works of Ty Unglebower

Only in the last ten years or so have I put specific, sustained effort into writing fiction. I’d kick around an idea here and there before that, but for the most part, starting in high school, I was all about non-fiction such as articles, essays and editorials. I was, and am, quite adept at such …

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Meet the Character: Centauri Starr

The next point-of-view character in my soon to be released novel, Flowers of Dionysus is Centauri Starr. Yes, she knows her name is unique and somewhat ironic. For most of her 19 or so years on the earth, he parents have told and retold the story of how they named her after Alpha Centauri, one of …

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