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Meet the Character: Centauri Starr

The next point-of-view character in my soon to be released novel, Flowers of Dionysus is Centauri Starr. Yes, she knows her name is unique and somewhat ironic. For most of her 19 or so years on the earth, he parents have told and retold the story of how they named her after Alpha Centauri, one of …

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Meet the Character: Tanya Hayes

The latest character I’d like you to meet from my upcoming novel, Flowers of Dionysus Tanya Hayes. Tanya is a talented dancer in her early 20’s. So talented in fact that she might have made a go at dancing professionally, had she not found such satisfaction giving private dance lessons instead. Her patience and calm demeanor may …

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Know Thyself. (And Thy Audience.)

An author must write what pleases them, first and foremost. You will find that advice all over the writing world. The concept does have its detractors, though. You’ll also find people advising authors to determine what is selling, and to replicate it as much as possible in as little time as possible. I wish I …

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Once I put the former Novel 2 in a drawer for the foreseeable future, I’ve been without a solid idea for a novel. That concerned me, as did the fact that I also haven’t been writing much in the way of short fiction this year. (Though I have been editing various projects.) Truth  be told, I’m still …

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A Question of Character

Over the weekend I was reading through some fiction-writing advice articles here and there. I don’t think there’s a correct way to write fiction, so long as the author shows authenticity in the finished work. Pants or plan, write in order or out of sequence, finish in a day or a year. Whatever works for …

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