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The (Not So) Secret Formulas of Fiction

To call a story formulaic, whether it be short story, novel, or even a movie is in most cases not a compliment. It tends to mean that a story is predictable and obvious. A consumer of such stories might say “I could see it coming from a mile away.” That’s not to say that formulaic …

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Nanowrimo 2013: Final Update

Yes, I realize this is not Monday, when my previous Nanowrimo updates have taken place. But as I am starting Reverb13, I’ve opted to post my final thoughts now, and start that new blogging project later today. To begin with, the big news: at about 7:00 PM last night I successfully completed theĀ entire first draft …

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General thoughts and recent adventures. -I am sore for a second straight day, for multiple reasons. The first and main reason is that a few days ago, I engaged in some aerobics. Actually I engaged in exactly one half of the first, baby steps training lesson on a DVD of aerobic exercises. My attempt to …

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Nanowrimo Update 1

I’ll only be doing these on Mondays unless something major happens, so don’t worry about being flooded with Nano thoughts all month. Of course, Nano only just started on Friday. I’m happy to report that I have kept pace with my word count each day, and am in fact a bit ahead of the game. …

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Nanowrimo 2013 Update

I am going to do it. On the one hand, the higher standard I have set for 2013, (complete a story, and not just 50,000 words) is somewhat daunting. But on the other, more significant hand, I need to work on not being as hard on myself over such things. I need some more writing …

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