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Descriptions: Writing “Through the Catcher’s Mitt”

I have no talent for sports. Yet here and there I pick up pieces of advice for beginners in sports: advice that applies to other areas of life. Even writing. I’ve been told that in baseball, school-aged pitchers, (and sometimes even adult players) are reminded to throw the ball “through the catcher’s mitt.” This as …

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Announcing the Launch Date for “Thank You For Ten”

I mentioned last week I would have an announcement about when my short story collection would be made available for purchase. I’m here to keep my word on that front. I’m happy (and more than a tad nervous) to announce here today that Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater  will launch on …

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Thank You For Ten Update, Again

Here’s what’s going on lately with Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater. To begin with, I’ve narrowed down my cover choices to three. in theory that could go on forever, and more covers could show up all the time. (I’m going with a pre-made one of a kind cover for this project.) …

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The Audience for “Thank You For Ten”

Unless you happen to have stumbled across my blog or my Twitter account for the very first time today, you know what Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater is. As I get closer to the summer launch of this self-published collection of my stories, I want to share more about it. Why …

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First Chapter Fixations: Giving Books a Real Chance

I recently read this post by one Blair Thornburgh about common reasons agents or publishers will stop reading a novel. The article even mentioned one professional who would draw a big red line under the moment they stopped reading. Though page and/or time limits for reading are not mentioned in the post, by the title …

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