Two “Holidays”

Today of course is Hallmark Day. Or is that Valentine’s Day? Or is there a difference?

It also just happens to be the Chinese New Year.

I am not Chinese, but I honor the day more for the Chinese New Year than I do for that other atrocious corporate farce.

I’ve never liked Valentines Day when I was single. Nor have I liked it when dating someone. It is because it is a constant reminder, (out of many) of what our society thinks you should do today. How it defines romance or love. Men and woman latch onto this to coerce things out of their significant others every year.

If you have been reading this blog, by now you know that I am Too XYZ to cater to such pressures.

However, a New Year of any culture is a time to think about resetting, reevaluating, and planning. Starting over. Self-improving. It doesn’t matter most people in this country already had their New Year. Embrace the notion of another New Year. Of many new years. Of being able to start over again at any day. Any time. Simply by decided your status quo is no longer acceptable. By refusing to listen to what society and companies believe ought to be your way to success and instead defining your own. Anytime you want.

This is the key on this February 14th, to a life truly filled with happiness and yes, even love. To set one’s own course, and make the starting point any day, or any moment, you choose.

It sure beats third rate chocolates on a fifth rate holiday, doesn’t it?

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  1. Great message! I needed that!

    Not about valentines day because I think it only stinks if you buy into it.

    But most definitely about new starts- there are no rules there! Make your own.

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