Come Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Me?

(Believe me, it’s a song.)

But the point being made here is that as a blogger I like for people to follow what I write. Both officially and unofficially. And I certainly hope the unofficial numbers are higher than the official ones, as I have only two official followers.

I have lately tried finding blogs that I want to follow more and comment on. I feel when someone puts effort into a blog, the best way to repay the effort is to make educated comments on their posts. It is what I seek as well as what I try to provide. In the near future I will be putting links to some of my most frequently visited blogs on the main page of this one.

But my question to you is, in this era of Twitter, and scratching one another’s back and networking, is there not a limit to the number of blogs one can follow with any degree of sincerity? One cannot possibly on a regular basis keep track of all blogs they are likely to come across, can they? It seems just the ones written by those within one’s network would be too numerous to enjoy much.

We want to connect, make friends, and network. We want to gain influence and attention to our own blogs. But there is a limit, I would dare say.

So let me know…how many blogs do you follow faithfully? Be honest here, and don’t conflate the numbers. Just tell me how many blogs you read carefully most days and comment on, say, at least twice a week. I want to hear from you on this one, folks!


  1. I follow about 25 blogs. They are in my Google Reader/blogger dashboard. I usually check my blogs about once a day. I also read blog posts on Brazen that are featured and ones that people I like on twitter link to. I like to read so it's hard for me to say if it's “too much” but it's fine for me.

  2. There are anywhere from 20-50 blogs I'm subscribed to, but I only follow 3-5 faithfully. These EXCLUDE my friends who post once every month or so, that I read out of charity and to encourage them to be more regular.

  3. I regularly read and contribute to about 15 blogs. They are the ones I enjoy and where the blogger usually responds to my comments. I read interesting blog posts that come my way daily via twitter, facebook, or via other commenters on my blog. The best thing about these connections is that they inspire me to write.

  4. In my feedreaders, I have subscribed to a total of 295 blogs (or other RSS sources). I regularly read 150-175 of them. I need to do a pruning though. Mike

  5. Thanks everyone.

    How interesting. Those that responded to this here at the blog itself have trended towards more modest blog following numbers. Those that responded to this over at Brazen Careerist or twitter have averaged over 100 blogs, via RSS feed…

    I guess I am a slow builder. I always prefer quality to quantity, and I continuing to scout out blogs and absorb them to see which would be worth following sincerely. But as I said on Twitter, 30 is the most I could ever see myself have a sincere interest in at one time.

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