Half Belated, Half on Time

Between keeping up with more than one blog, still trying to understand the world of Twitter, a stubborn head cold and auditioning for plays, some things are bound to get left behind. But give me credit when it is due me, I fill in the void, albeit belatedly.

Fellow blogger, Twitterer, and freelance writer Melissa Breau, interviewed me last week as part of a series she is doing on freelance writers. Part One of that interview can be found right here. Part two is coming sometime this weekend.

Do me the favor of reading it, and letting me know what you think, and do her the favor of reading it, along with other posts of hers, and leaving comments and questions for her. She writes on many topics.

And of course, follow us both on Twitter, if you have it, though she is better at it than I am.

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  1. You're getting better at it … 🙂

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