Nothing to Fear But….Indecision Itself?

Many scholars believe that Hamlet’s fatal flaw was being indecisive. I have never agreed, and probably never will. An interesting discussion, but not germane to this blog’s content.

I, however, am germane to this blog’s content, and I have no problem admiting that sometimes I am indecisive. That perhaps being so has stagnated my life at times.

It isn’t out of laziness. It is out of over-analyzing the options I have. And perhaps sometimes it is the fear of making the wrong choice that leads me to studying something into oblivion. (I have made some doozies in my time, and each time I become more determined to not do it again.) The bigger the decision, the greater the chance of my indecision.

Here is an interesting post I cam across today, via Brazen Careerist. It sums up well the sometimes paralyzing nature of over-thinking our decisions. I recommend it for those who, like me, sometimes find themselves Too XYZ to make a decision.

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