Frustrated Fellow Too XYZers (A Featured Post on Brazen Careerist!)

This is not an exceptionally creative post, but I came across a thread on a job hunting board that rang so true with me that I simply had to share it. Especially when I consider that no other thread that I have yet encountered in the world of the job hunt has been so universally in tune with my own experiences on the matter.

It is a frustrating, depressing, and some will say cynical thread. Many would probably dismiss it as belly aching. But the people in the thread are not worthless anymore than I am. They are worried, anxious, in some cases rendered hopeless, by a job hunting system that, no matter how many times it is written about, explain or engaged in, just simply doesn’t make any damn sense to a certain personality.

Like my own. And to all of us who have found we are Too XYZ.

Read the thread. Each post.  And don’t dismiss the people as lazy or stupid. Those of you who never have any problem landing jobs, try to listen carefully to what these people who have been out of regular work for a year (or years, such as myself if you discount my freelance work) have to say about their predicament. This is what I and people like me have been up against. It is a perfect indication of just how unhelpful so much of the standard job hunting advice tends to be.

We don’t know why. If this is you, perhaps you don’t know why. But you are not alone.

Here is the thread. Perhaps add to it yourself?


  1. This at least gives me some comfort that I'm not alone. All of my many years in (and now, out) of the workforce, I've been mystified at those employers (not all) who treat their employees terribly, then wonder why there's no loyalty during boom times.

  2. I think blaming too much of your own hardships on a large cause like generational differences or the economy is a good way to get stuck and feel miserable about it. However, being well aware of what the contributing factors to all these problems is important and gives you a leg up on people who are just going through the motions.

  3. A cleverly followed-up thread Ty & I wouldn't for a minute view the posters in a negative light.After all, a brisk e-mail follow up is not too much to ask, is it.

  4. Thanks for all of the comment. I am glad reading the stories in that thread provided some of you comfort, as it did for me.

    I am not much into blaming generational differences for things, but sometimes the economy, (or more specifically, the entire economic system as it is now developing) is in fact responsible for how many talented people remain out of work. An economy should reward talent, not connectivity.

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