Cross Post from Always Off Book: Happy Birthday Shakespeare

This is a first for me, but I am cross posting, or at least cross referencing my latest Always Off Book post here on Too XYZ. I am doing so because I am excited to be a part of a week long blogosphere celebration of William Shakespeare’s birthday. I am quite proud of this post, and I hope those of you that frequent this blog but have not checked out Always Off Book will take a chance to go there now.

I also hope you will check out the many other entries from bloggers around the world who are also this week posting their thoughts on the Bard.

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  1. Excellent good show! Today is actually the date of his baptism and I've been thinking about him all day long. One of these days we need to get folks back together to put a show on in Shepherdstown. I would love to do another rendition of the Tempest. It has my least favorite plotline, but my favorite thematic elements.

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