Looking Back on AuGuest: The Importance of Self

On this, the final Monday of August, I wanted to take some time to reflect on AuGuest 2011, and what it has meant to me and this blog.

To begin with, I once again wanted to thank my four contributors; Zoyah Thawer, Samantha Karol, Diana Antholis, and Noel Rozny. They each took time out of their busy schedules and their own writings and social media activities to add something to my section of the web. An effort for which they received no compensation, and for which they will in all likelihood gain no fame, given the small reach of this blog of mine. It is much appreciated.

All four of these people offered something a little different, and did so in a different style. To each of their posts I wrote my own response, so I will not go into my thoughts on each again here. But I will say that despite the diversity of views and background for my AuGuests this year, I have in fact detected one commonality: the importance of knowing and caring for the Self.

In Zoyah’s case it was making sure she did not let herself become consumed by the bitterness of her situation. Samantha did not allow confusion and frustration over her unfair exclusions from groups affect the way she reached out and offered herself honestly to other people in a similar circumstance. Diana expressed how vital it was for her, and all of us, to remain confident in the direction we feel our inner most self is calling us to take in life, and Noel mentioned that despite her extroversion she has been faced lately with the occasional need to take a step back and look inward, to get a better understanding of and to provide better care to herself.

Yet in none of these cases did the slightest hint of selfishness appear. That is because caring for your self, and letting that all important center of your soul guide us as we nurture it and take care of it is not the same as selfishness. Selfishness is an ego driven state of mind with no regard to morals or the affects our actions have on other people. It caters mostly to immediate gratifications piggybacking on greater lifetime goals. That is as destructive to the selfish person as it is to the people they trample on the way to what they want. Perhaps more so.

Yet to be careful with our self, respect our inner life and make-up, no matter how different from the status quo that may be, and to, yes show love to what we are at our core, even as we accept the chance to improve upon it without pressure is to bring about the best possible version of who we are. To enhance that with which we are born, and to add to it things that we have determined we can achieve through hard work, thus giving both ourselves and the world the most potent entity we can be in service to the good around us. Not self serving cads nor slaves tied to the leash of a demanding society. Right in the middle can be found the transcendence of caring for the self.

That is what I got out of the messages of all four of my AuGuests this year. And I hope they, and each of you readers got something out of their contributions as well. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that as time goes on.

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