Reverb11: What Made Me laugh This Year?

Prompt: What made you laugh this year?

Many things made me laugh, and normally I would find this question too broad for an effective answer. Yet this year one thing stands out. My youngest niece.

She was born in June of this year. My tenth niece overall, but my younger sister’s first child.

It may sound like an easy answer to say that an infant made me laugh this year. Babies have been making people laugh as long as there have been people, after all. Unique or not though, more than once I have laughed at her and her antics.

Yes, I laugh because she is a pretty baby. And I laugh when she laughs and smiles. That is obvious. However, I also laugh at the things that are not the normal “babies are funny” things to laugh at.

For example, I laugh at her non-laughing neutral face. Her default look if you will. Not that she is funny looking of course, but she has an expression, that I haven’t seen in all babies, that would seem to be communicating, “this situation is acceptable. It’s not fantastic or anything, but it will suffice.” A seemingly out of place (for an infant) detachment. She makes it clear sometimes that the world and the people in it do not always impress her, and I am amused by that.

I guess the closest thing I can think of to this face is the one the Caterpillar has in the 1951 Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. A “who are you” mentality she will opt to display sometimes.

She is also wise to cameras. She doesn’t often get caught laughing or smiling in a picture. So we get the wisdom of ages expression in most shots so far. Perhaps she is an old soul? Even if she is not, she is a unique, discernable soul already, and one of the things that has made me laugh most this year.


  1. Aw 🙂 Your post made me smile.

    Babies are wonderful and I can't wait to have my own… and I hope they will make the world laugh too 🙂

  2. TEN nieces??? Holy jeebus. This one is definitely a cutie. Awww… I just love babies. A shame they eventually grow up… haha.

  3. There are certainly worse things to laugh about. I too am finding this a broad question, but hope to find something as good to recall as you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. She sounds adorable. I love babies who seem all knowing!

    Grateful to “meet” you via #Reverb11 tonight!

  5. Anabelle, I hope you will have some of your own when you are ready, and that they make you laugh as much as my niece make my laugh.

    Jennifer-Yes, they tend to do that.

    Jason- I am sure you found something. I will head over to your blog this evening and see what you came up with. Thanks for stopping by.

    Julie- I am grateful as well. That is probably the biggest benefit of all of this. =)

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