Reverb11: Gratitude

What Five Things Are You Most Grateful For from 2011?

I am grateful that I, and everyone in my family appears to have been mostly in good health for another year.

I can’t elaborate on this much, but I remain aware of how many people cannot say this. So despite the cliche of it, this is on my list.


– I am grateful for the first shadows of the ideas I have pertaining to rebooting my life and my writing/business in 2012.

Make no mistake, I know there is still a great deal of planning to go. There are many steps I have no idea how to take going forward. I have pretty strong fears about trying some of this stuff. But I am grateful that at least a loose framework came to mind during 2011. I won’t be starting cold in the very least. Chilly, but not cold.


– I am grateful that I don’t have to sleep in a shelter or in the street or a car while I engage in said rebooting and strategizing.

Despite the embarrassment of having to make use of my mother’s spare room for a while, I have to be grateful it was there. Otherwise it would be the unthinkable. (And because it is unthinkable, I don’t wish to write much more about it.)


– I am grateful for the people who continue to consume the material I create, whether on the stage or on the page.

Those that have been doing so since before 2011, and those who are “new” this year. I confess that I prefer more frequent comments from readers, and more feedback in performances than I get. However, what I do get is appreciated, as are the silent patrons of what I offer. I know some of them are there too, and they do count.


– I am grateful that I was able to finish the drafts of my first novel this year on schedule.

Getting people to read it has gone slower than I thought it would, and I may have to give up on as many people proofing it for now. Yet as far as setting down the deadline for myself, and achieving it, all went according to plan. Editing is an easier form of writing for me in most cases, so I am very happy that is what I have to do with this novel now. That the process of first drafting is behind me.

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  1. Put me on your list of potential test readers!

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