Reverb11: Somebody Has To Say It

Somebody has to say it…

The prompt for today came with the suggestion that it be just one sentence. So, here is mine, which I find appropriate for Christmas Eve:

Some of the most Christ-like people , now and throughout history, have not been Christians.

Enjoy your visions of sugar plums tonight, my friends.


  1. You are very right. I am a Christian who hasn't been to church lately because my congregation elected to not be very Christ-like. I just can't sit in a pew and worship there. I am between churches and it feels so weird!

  2. Faith is awesome, religion is tricky. The agenda makes all the difference and once a structure is put in place, it seems like the politics come with it sometimes.

  3. Beth

    May you find many blessings in 2012. I am certainly glad to have met you this year.

  4. Julie- That is terrible. Yet sadly common. I know several friends who were driven from their churches because of a low level of tolerance on the part of members of the congregation. Why??

    Random Girl-An excellent quotation…”Faith is awesome, religion is tricky.” So very true. Politics comes into it all the time, and that is depressing.

    Beth-I feel the same. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

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