Reverb11: Three Wishes

If a genie could grant you three wishes for 2012, what would they be?

For the sake of this prompt, let us assume two things. First, that the laws of physics cannot be ignored. Things get way too fanciful otherwise. Second, that the “Monkey’s Paw” Effect is suspended. It may seem like a silly thing to point out in this context, but being a writer and story teller, it is difficult to get the reference out of my mind.

So, if the wishes were just wishes, with no negative consequences, mine would be as follows:

1) I would wish that my mother could 100% retire.

Because enough already. These are the years she should be enjoying, not raking together just enough to pay bills all the time. A lifetime or working hard should lead to some point of not having to do so. It doesn’t. I hope to have the money to allow her to stop working altogether some day.


2) I would wish for better business sense.

I am right now not that great at marketing, and I need to be if I am to be a full time freelance writer. Or even just a part time one. Or just a novelist. I don’t want to change my personality. I refuse to cold call and hard sell and carpet bomb market as many people do. Yet I know there are more respectable ways to market one’s self and one’s services. I have just been 100% unable to do it. Something is blocked in my mind about it. I hope to fix that on my own of course, in the coming year, at least somewhat. Yet if we are talking wishes, I would wish it to be already done, and in place. Or at least wish for a person to arrive out of nowhere and do it all well for me.


3) I would wish for my own self sustaining theatre company with venue.

Modest stage. Some basic equipment. Dedicated volunteers. Creative control, and no fear. Art for art’s sake. Not art that gets altered in just such a way to squeeze a few more dollars out of people so we can turn on the lights and the heat.

Perhaps not the sexiest set of three wishes you will read about. And I am sure if I thought about this prompt every day, I’d come up with different answers everyday. Plus wishes change over time, whether they are fulfilled or not. However, at this moment these wishes would do a great job in setting me on the right road towards fulfillment and peace. They of course would not provide those things, but they would give me some nice tools with which to do the job myself.


  1. Superb wishes! And the thing is, I can see them happening for you, because of you. Somehow it all clicks into place. I really hope 2012 is your year of shaking things up and settling things down.

    And the Monkey's Paw – chilling.

  2. Number one is very sweet and number three…well, you know how I feel about that!

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