Okay, More Like 90%

I write this post while this site is still “under construction.” Yes, it is the first post of my new site, technically, but as I write it the site itself is still hidden from public view, so I won’t become especially sentimental about this moment. Especially when there is a specific issue I want to address with you, my visitors who might not already know what is going on.

TyUnglebower.com is the next step in an evolution of my social media presence. From February 2010, until this month, I kept a blog called Too XYZ. (You can learn more about it by visiting the site, as it remains for archival purposes.)

Last week, on the final regular post on Too XYZ, I mentioned that “100%” of the content over there would be imported into this new space. That wasn’t a lie. It was however, a mistake. As the title of this post suggests, I have imported more like 90% of the original Too XYZ material onto this web space.

As I was registering names, making design decisions, and exporting and re-categorizing nearly two years of posts, something occurred to me that I didn’t think about when I closed Too XYZ. A good portion of the posts from there dealt specifically with the blog itself. Some posts were explaining the blog’s launch, or its reoriented mission. I often wrote entire posts that were tantamount to “State of the Blog Addresses”, which, though important in their place, would seem rather awkward to have here in this new space. After all, I wanted to preserve the valuable content I created there, not simply cut and paste everything from the closed blog onto this one.

So I have opted to eliminate such posts. (Including the previously mentioned final post on Too XYZ, announcing its closure.)

Also eliminated after the import, all of Too XYZ’s January, 2012 content. I dedicated that month to re-posting some of the blog’s most read, most controversial or most loved posts from the previous two years. While I have brought the original posts over to TyUnglebower.com, I opted not to include the re-posts. (Despite each of them containing a small amount of new commentary from me.) It seemed redundant in this venue.

Still, over two hundred posts from Too XYZ now have a home here. All of them have been categorized into the “Too XYZ” Main Topic list, (seen at right under my picture.) As time goes on, I do intent to create new content here that falls into the topic of being Too XYZ, but for now, the category houses the useful content from the previous blog.

If you should opt to explore these imported posts, (and I hope you do, as the topics and issues I bring up therein are still relevant), you can still expect to find such phrases as, “this blog”, which would be referring to Too XYZ. I post an author’s note indicating this fact in most places, but I can’t promise I got every single reference.

Other times, I simple editing the sentence to retain its meaning to the post, sans referencing the old blog.

As I want both old and new visitors to trust me, I wanted to clear this up, and acknowledge that while on Too XYZ I did say, “100%” of the content would be exported to TyUnglebower.com, upon more careful consideration I changed my mind, and have actually imported more like 90% of the content from that site. Full disclosure and such.

Those interested in those posts that didn’t make the cut are of course free to visit the original Too XYZ, which I intend to keep around for awhile if only for archival purposes.

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