TyUnglebower.com Through the Eyes of Ty Unglebower

Yes, that was a mouthful. (Or a “screenful” to coin a phrase.) But it’s in response to how I have been feeling lately as I set up this site. (I write this while it’s still under “private”).

With Always Off Book, and the old Too XYZ, one certainly had access to my voice and thoughts. Writing in places like that does require a bit of frankness, or perhaps even a degree of intimacy with one’s readers. Yet even then, content was mostly oriented towards a thought of which I was a proponent. Now that the site literally has my name on it, it feels somewhat different.

I wasn’t hiding on Too XYZ. The amount of irritation if not indignation directed at me for a while as a result of my posts stands as testament to that. And yet, I was more of the director of the play over there. Here, I am the lead.

Though broader in theme, the content here will continue to be honest. Authentic. Sincere. Yet now that intimacy of which I spoke will take on a whole new meaning. For even though coming to this site and reading every word will not make one 100% familiar with everything that is me, doing so will in fact invite a different kind of connection to me. Awareness of this connection doesn’t make me flinch, and indeed on some level it is invigorating. Yet that subtle but significant change informs every decision I am making as I construct this place in a way that perhaps wasn’t so sharp for Too XYZ.

I’ll not live to please other people, even my readers. However, the increased cognizance of the attention now that my very name is in the address of this location cannot be denied.

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