I think birthdays, (and today is mine) are a chance for even the introverts to allow themselves to be the center of attention. Or in the very least the near-center of certain types of attention. (Which in general is more than we want or need.) I was thinking about that today as I answered and thanked my many well wishers.

I’ll never need or want to be the center of attention in everyday life. But on my birthday, I open myself up to it a bit. Which made me think of this page. I’ll never be thrilled with self-promotion, (I prefer to call it “self-presentation”) but like a birthday, a blog/website perhaps is a place where I will be more at ease with the entire notion of centering things on myself. Or at least on my thoughts and words. It can also be a place where others expect things to be somewhat more about me than average. Much like a birthday is by consensus an acceptable day to make all about one person. Within reason.

By the time you will read this, I will have worked hard on this site for the better part of six weeks. Each time I edited copy, tested out a new picture, or experimented with a setting, I was exploring the best way to strike that balance between self-presentation and ego-mania. You, my visitors and readers must decide how well I have achieved this goal. (And remind me of that goal if you see that I am drifting off the road.)

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