23 Characters

Day Nine Scintilla Prompt: Write a list of 23.

That sounded simple enough at first. Until I realized my first few ideas would require quite a bit more time than I have to come up with 23 entries. Then I thought I had a winner-23 songs I’ve always wanted to sing live. Once I started that list though, 23 was soon quite confining.

Yet I stayed with the stage theme, and decided to list 23 characters I have played on stage as an actor. Two things to remember about this list:

1) It’s not exhaustive. In fact I made a specific effort to only include characters who had some kind of name. (Not all of them do.) Some of them are from the same play, even.

2) It is in no particular order. Not most loved, or most difficult. Not even the order in which I played them. I intentionally made the list for the most part random, so the names would speak for themselves, and not as my resume.

I provide no background on any of these characters. I just list them, and let you determine what they may refer to. Some you will probably recognize, and know right away what play they came from. Others you may have no idea about, and have to look up. And a few may leave you asking, “Wait, what?” But hopefully all of them as a list will entertain.

And so, here they are. Twenty-three named characters I have portrayed on stage so far:

-Peter Bailey

-Walter Mitty

-Justin Waverly

-Nick Sakarian

-Fred Phelps



-Vince Fontaine

-Lord Longville

-Tom Jenkins

-Prince Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany

-Aaron McKinney

-Ebeneezer Scrooge

-John F. Kennedy


-Sergeant Duffy

-Thomas Putnam

-Nick Cristano


-Bob Cratchit

-Friar Laurence

-Leon Trotsky

-“Ty Unglebower”


  1. I hope you don’t mind me sullying your page here with some pre-pubescent immature snickering over the name “Lord Longville.”

    ahem. Sorry. You know me… can’t help it 😉 I suppose it might not be funny if I had any idea who the character was. I’m sorry to say I don’t know most of these characters… My theater knowledge is lacking, apparently.

    • Don’t worry. Some of them are rather obscure.

  2. Kim

    How fascinating! I only know a small number of these but it seems like your talent is prodigious. And I think it was an inspired decision to skip commentary on the characters themselves and to allow their clustered names speak for themselves.

    • Thank you! I like to think I have a pretty decent range as an actor. I at least work very hard at having such. (Anyone interested in the experiences I had with some of these characters can check out my acting blog at http://www.offbook.blogspot.com)

  3. Noel

    That’s awesome! You should be really proud. Quite a list. 🙂

  4. Now who is this “Hamlet” you speak of?

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