Ty in “Charge”

Starting next month and continuing into November, yours truly will be in a so-called leadership role in not one, but two endeavors. The first, as a director for a stage production of Yasmina Reza’s Art. The other, taking place somewhat concurrently in the same facility, is an eight week course on building a character for performance, which I will be teaching once a week to a class of teenage actors and actresses.

In a sense these activities will be new territory for me, though technically it will not be a first for either. I have directed plays before, even locally. (Though not in this theatre.) It has however been years since I have done so, and the last time I tried there was much interference from the powers that be as to how I ran my production. That will not be happening this time. As for the teaching aspect, I haven’t done an eight week course before, but this summer I have given two single session workshops and participated in a short third one.

So it’s new and yet familiar, these two impending projects. And as with any teaching or supervising role, I expect to do my share of learning as well. He who instructs or directs without the expectation of learning something himself is bound to be less successful, in my opinion.

I won’t be offering a day-by-day detailed description here of everything that transpires during these adventures. Not only would that be somewhat indiscreet, it would also become quite boring after a time for all of you, I dare say. I do however look forward to sharing with you all some general impressions I come away with, and specific adventures, (misadventures?) that present themselves on these journeys.

For those who may be wondering, all of this is not contradictory to my introverted nature. In nine out of ten cases I don’t mind public speaking, and so comfortable am I with both the venue and the subject matter that nerves will be at a minimum for the class and non-existent for the directing.

Remember, an introvert often loves to talk when the subject is one with which he is familiar and fond.

My goal in both cases, above all others, is to make everyone involved better performers by the end of their experience. Or at least to come out of the other end of things with a better appreciation for performing. My cast will probably be composed of three people (small cast) that have done a lot of acting already. Nonetheless, I hope the learn from me as I learn from them.

So watch this spot in the coming weeks and months for stories, thoughts, questions and reflections on leadership, inspiration, and education in the context of what I will be undertaking between now and Thanksgiving, starting with auditions for the play a week from Saturday. (September 1 and September 2.)


  1. It sounds as if you have a fun mix of work coming up! Once again, I have to admire your ability to do the types of things I’m not brave enough to do. Because I’m not just an introvert. I have social anxiety that sometimes send me into panic attacks.

    I’m trying to work on it, though. I joined my local Toastmasters club and, in January, I’m starting a yoga teacher training program, where I’ll eventually have to teach groups of people, which is terrifying for me.

    Much luck with your upcoming gigs!

  2. Thanks Steph. Though it probably isn’t as impressive as it sounds, I am glad I can do these things. (Though there are certain other talents in this area I’d be happy to trade a little for sometimes. Marketing my skills, especially.)

    I have thought about Toastmasters myself a few times. Though I don’t generally mind public speaking, I have wondered if they may be of some other benefit to me.

    I may have minor social anxiety myself in some specific situations, I am not sure. But when making theatre, I seem to be at home most of the time.

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