Reverb12: Day One

I don’t normally blog this late in the evening. The last time I did so on a regular basis was last year during Reverb11. All this is by way of saying, (in case you didn’t catch on to it from the title) that I am going to do a little Reverb12 this year.

Like last year, I’m not going to promise that I’ll answer every prompt this month. (Though I basically did end up doing so last year.) I am not even certain I will use the same source of prompts each time I post. But I do promise to blog in as thoughtful and honest a manner as possible during this experience.

Last year was my first time doing Reverb, and I loved the novelty of the experience. Many of the prompts got me to thinking about myself, and expressing aspects of myself I usually don’t explore publicly that much. I also had fun with some of the prompts that were less spiritual and simply more everyday human. It got me thinking and kept me writing. The novelty of the experience cannot be recaptured, but the dedication to it can be, and that is what I intend to do this year. After all, a writer must write.

And write I do, and write I shall. Even if I only partially pursue these prompts during December it will mean that the last several weeks of 2012 will be quite full with me doing what a writer must do. For unlike last year, this year I spent all of November writing each day, as I participated in my third National Novel Writing Month. (I won.)

That was fiction and (at the moment) private. This will be non-fiction and public, so I don’t think I will feel drained. I think it could be invigorating to look back on two months of daily writing, in fact.  Accountability and structure can quash the genius of some, and nurture that of others. I believe I may be among the latter demographic.

But let’s not overwrite this post. What is the first Reverb prompt from which I will be working this year?

How are you starting this last month of 2012?

The prompt is already answered in part. I’m starting December of 2012 by writing. Which is how I should start and end each month, I know. To be fair to myself, I am usually successful at that goal. I joined a writing group this year, and have done more short fiction in the last few months than I have done in previous years. I’ve continued to blog regularly, even before this month. I seek out places to submit my writing, and I have deadlines to keep with publications to whom I already contribute. No shortage of writing for me.

Yet still, predictable as the answer to this first prompt may be, I must defend my use of it with a few questions: Is it not the writers job to always insist upon being a writer? Many writers will tell you that it is easier even for them to not write than it is to write, and I am often no exception to that.

By using this venue, this prompt for bloggers and writers around cyberspace as yet another (of many) confirmations that writing is a significant part of my chosen identity, am I not honoring the writer inside of me? Paying homage to the aspects of my mind and spirit that make use of words and sentences to tell stories, change minds, and once in a while improve lives? Even if nothing so profound, my writing is a contribution to humanity. To life. Perhaps I’ll never be famous because of the words I compose, but I won’t go to my grave having never composed any.

So I begin this second annual Reverb experience with what is on the surface a rather boring response to the prompt. I’m starting the last month of the year by writing. Making writing the focal point of both a look back at the waning year, and a look ahead to the new coming year. Standing, with pride, within the sight lines of the universe and making it clear all over again, (as sometimes we must) that I will be writing. As a writer, I can expect nothing less from myself.

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