Reverb12 Day Eleven: Music to My Ears

What was music to your ears in 2012, literally or metaphorically?

I have a friend that I’ve known for about ten years, though I have not seen her in about eight. For a time she was my closest friend, and she remains of great importance to me even now.

Back when we spoke nearly everyday she sent me a mix album of some of her favorite music for relaxing or reflective moods. We fell out of contact not long after she sent it, and though I had listened to it a few times, it kind of fell off of the radar. Then even once she and I were talking again, I wasn’t sure where I had put the actual CD. I was bummed about that for more than one reason.

However, just before the holiday season last year, I found it, and put the music onto my mp3 player. (I didn’t even have an mp3 player when she first sent me the CD.) Since then, I’ve been able to listen to that collection of songs more often, and with greater ease. I have it on during walks, or when I am gearing down at the end of the day. Most of the songs and artists on that album are ones I had not heard of until she sent me the original CD. And once I started listening to it on a regular basis this year, I realized just how suitable for my mood the selections often were.

The mix album is somewhat melancholy at times, and at others hopeful. There is some romance and some friendship. Lyrics of both pain and pleasure. Stirring ballads in minor keys that can act almost as a lullaby at times, and one or two songs one can almost tap a foot to. It’s more than a little spiritual. In other words a selection that is somewhat eclectic  yet tied together in scope and attitude.

I won’t list all of the titles here, but I’d say my favorites from the collection is “Anyway” by Dynamite Hack, (the female version), and “Angel Without Wings” by Vertical Horizon.

I’m quite glad I found this album, after it being missing in action for a while. Not just for the sentimental value of it being a gift, but for the actual music on it. Most of the songs are just enough removed from my usual musical tastes that I’ve been inspired, relaxed and comforted by it at any given time since I rediscovered it. It was music to my ears in 2012.

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