Wading in Publishing Waters

2013 is the year I’ve decided to begin my novel-publishing  journey in earnest.

That doesn’t mean it will be published this year, of course. It does however mean that I will this year begin to research what my goals are and what options I have to obtain them. I’ve thought about that before in broad terms, but it’s time to dive deep into the subject.

That means researching agents, small presses, and self-publishing options. It means trying to figure out if I have any marketing skills at all, and using those skills in ways that others do not. (Since I simply cannot replicate what others do.) Time to start pricing things, and figuring out where the money for said things will come from.

I fully anticipated that this process, as with virtually every other process I have undertaken in my life, will not unfold as it does for most people. It will not unfold according to the best of advice from people who have done it before. My thought patterns are much too different. My personality far too removed from that of most writers. Yet it is time to begin.


I’ve not made a decision this early on as to whether I want to self-publish or attempt the traditional route, though I admit self-publishing seems to be more likely to accommodate those like myself who do not wish to conform. (And I rarely conform.) And, after years of reading articles and blogs about it, the agent-seeking process does, at the moment, seem to have far more negatives than positives. I admit to needing more information, but, that’s what this process of research and discovery is all about.

I’ll be posting what I learn, questions I come up with, and difficulties I encounter throughout the year. I welcome your input and opinion into this process as I sort out what’s what.



  1. Two words of advice: READ QUERYSHARK. (It’s a blog by Janet Reid, literary agent. Basically, she has people submit draft queries and then points out mistakes & no-nos & such. It’s great for anyone considering traditional the query-agent-publish route.)

    So, yeah, that was a lot more than two words. Here are two more words: GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. “traditional the”? Did I seriously just write than and not catch it? *facepalm* “the traditional” is what I meant….blah…

  3. ARGH. Write “THAT.” Not write “than.” I don’t know what’s up with me today. Lol sorry Ty!!!

  4. Thanks Laura. I have in fact here and there taken a look at QueryShark, but it’s probably time for me to put it into my reader feed. I also spend some time on the message boards of Agent Query Connect. (A place I in turn recommend to you, and others.)

    I wrote up a mock query for them once. It was received in lukewarm fashion. I rewrote it a few times, but didn’t pursue it beyond that. I probably will continue to experiment with said query letter. (Addressed to nobody specific at the present time.)

    Agents of general fiction cover 2/3 of the Earth’s surface, so I have my work cut out for me.

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