Update This.

Updates, whether to information, hardware, software or procedures or important, I suppose. Especially when an overall improvement is made.

But I’m the type of person that will trade some degree of efficiency for familiarity. I’m not a Luddite. I use technology. I’m not in most aspects conservative. I tend to be open to new ideas, even if I don’t adopt all of them. But I wish some things would just stay as they are. Actually I will amend that. I wish I had more options to stay in one place with certain concepts of objects even as others move ahead.

Most recently this applies to a desktop application on my computer. TweetDeck. I’ve used it for years without the slightest problem. The last few days there have been problems. I went to support, and they no longer support that version. Much of my free time today has been spent trying to figure out the new version I was required to download.

If you read my tweet stream on the right side of this website, or if you follow me on Twitter, you already know the transition has not gone well. That’s because it’s not only the application itself that has changed (without improving, in my opinion), it has required me to change the very nature of how I consume information each day. My routine, in other words, has taken a hit, and I am a creature of routine believe me. I’m still pissed about Google Reader. (And equally pissed about the replacement I used for a few months, FeedReader, which is also now on the fritz and worthless. I’m on my third RSS feed of the year here.)

I don’t want to ride around in a wagon, or read by candlelight. Progress is progress. But whether it be TweetDeck uselessly updating itself into something different, an organization that shakes up leadership for no reason other than to do so, or a television program that reboots itself to appeal to a “broader” audience, change for change sake just pisses me off some days. (Like today.)

Or when a change is made simply to appease the 1% at the forefront of everything, instead of the 99% regular people who don’t want to innovate every three months. Those like me who just want to rely on something, and make use of it to add to our lives. Or take part in that organization…or enjoy that show…or get around that website…


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