Reverb13 Day One

Two posts in one day?? I know, rare. But necessary, as I wanted to close out Nanowrimo, and once again begin the Reverb daily blog project for the month of December. As with last year, there are multiple sources for the prompts, and I will probably go back and forth between two of them, just to keep it interesting.

The prompt for day one is:  How do you feel, on this first day, in your mind? In your body? In your heart? In your soul?

My mind feels a bit tired, but excited as well, because for the first time, I completed an entire novel for Nanowrimo. Took some doing, but I got it done. I just need to recover for a few days (or more) from writing fiction, but I’ll be okay, and I think my mind is, in the end, better off for it.

Also, I don’t know if this goes under mind or heart. I guess technically mind. But I am anxious, as I have been generally for the last few years. I keep trying to find the right professional to assess the situation, to see if perhaps something can be done about it. But the last person I tried last month was a total quack. I have someone else in mind, but I have to build up the patience to make the appointment.

In body, I feel a bit off. Generally I am more tired than I like to be as a default, and I am still above the weight I want to be at, despite trying things all year.

In my heart, I feel pleased with some of my accomplishments lately. (See above.) But I also feel more lonely than average. I don’t feel I am connecting with enough new people of my kind, or connecting as well with people I’ve known for years that seem to be changing.

How I feel in my soul is the most difficult to answer, because I don’t know which feelings or observation lie within the realm of the soul as opposed to the heart. What is the essential difference between the two? I don’t have definitive answer, so I’ll just say that a soul is more permanent, and deals more with the basic essence of why I exist on earth, as opposed to how I’m interpreting or reacting to any given day.

Under this definition I’d say my soul, (which would transcend the problems with my mind, I guess) is in decent shape, but longs for more space. More exercise. More opportunity to engage in the things for which it seems to have been designed. In soul, I am perhaps stuck somewhat in neutral in certain ways.

If I were to combine all aspects of my existence and come up with one overall well being number, I guess I’d give myself about a 6 out of a possible 10. Not miserable, but not fulfilled as often as I should be, probably.


  1. So impressed you completed a nanowrimo! It’s been on the bucket list for a while but hasn’t seen the light of day for me. I hope your recovery is swift and I look forward to reading more through Reverb13.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliments. There were times I wasn’t sure I get this novel done myself.

  2. Kat McNally

    Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo, Ty! That is a stellar achievement, though it’s no surprise you might feel a little burnt out afterwards. x

    • Thanks. And yes, a bit of burnout is expected, though I cannot, as a writer, allow it to burn me out totally. (I am, however, going on a bit of a break in fiction writing for the rest of the year.)

  3. I can only imagine that completing a novel, IN A MONTH, takes a little out of you. My smoke detector just went off for two hours straight. When it finally stopped, I was left with the feeling I get after a migraine. A hollow where the pain used to be.
    Perhaps your body and soul are just adjusting to the space left by what consumed you for so many days.
    Also, and not least of all, congratulations.

    • Thank you.

      And I think most things on which we intently focus for a time, positive or negative, tend to leave us a bit off when it is over. Like that smoke detector you mentioned. (Which sounds awful, incidentally.)

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