Reverb13 Day Two: Nourishment

What made your soul feel most nourished this year?

I’m probably guilty of not putting as much specific effort and thought into nourishing my soul as I should.

Part of it is due to a general anxiety that in the end, I wouldn’t be as successful as I’d like to be at such an endeavor, so I don’t engage it in as much as wisdom would dictate. Another reason for this sometime shirking of my spiritual nourishing is the difficult-to-shake societal pressure that such things are not monetarily productive and hence should be avoided as wastes of time. (This view is, thankfully, losing its grip upon me as I get older.)

Even if I committed every day to soul nourishment, without shame or fear of failure, I’d still be faced with the dilemma of not knowing which approach to take in accomplishing that task on any given day. Some things that are nourishing once never are again, (or at least are not again for a considerable amount of time.) I have tried various forms of such nourishment over the years, and not many have have a consistent effect.

On the other side of this frustrating coin, those successful nourishing activities that have been rather consistent in the past have over the last few years either become unavailable due to lack of resources/opportunity, or have succumbed to a weakened potency. (Or I have become weaker in some regard as their potency remains unchanged.)

So while I believe in and practice nourishment of the soul as best I can, it is a practice with which I still face difficulty.

I’ll say, however, that I have taken a few steps that have trended in the right direction in 2013. At least so far. Examples:

-I have set aside more time to read. A writer must read, of course, and I have always done so. But having a specific time wherein I say, “I’m going to read for an hour” and such is a relatively new concept for me. Generally when I find an empty block of time that will allow me to read whatever is on my cue, (and it’s a ponderous cue at this point) I take some time to do so. Sometimes while something else is going on. This year I made an effort more often to set aside the time, and make sure I was doing nothing else, shut off the phone, and sit and read. I don’t know if it has served as the entire meal for my soul, but it has certainly been a nice cold drink for it throughout the year at times. I even feel less anxious after I read once in a while, and anything that accomplishes that is a plus.

-I have tried, with spotty success, to begin a regular meditation regime. That’s a work in progress, but it has helped a bit here and there.

-Concentrating even more on my writing.

-I started that meetup group for introverts. It’s still in its infancy, but hopefully the company I keep from that will nourish my soul in certain ways eventually. Like company is valuable.

So there are a few things. What are yours?

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  1. Kat McNally

    You’re right, Ty. Reading is the most powerful way to nourish a writer!

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