Reverb 13: Day 12: Muddied by the Universe

Today, identify something muddy that kept recurring for you throughout 2013, and then ask yourself this: What’s the clear truth underneath this damn mud if I finally wash myself clean?

I think loneliness is a type of mud. And contrary to the popular misconception, introverts can get lonely. In fact it often happens in crowds.

I guess the clear truth under said mud is that I am in need of company in my life that is more in tune with my own personal world view. It’s good to be eclectic, and to establish friendships and working relationships with those we have little in common with. Sometimes, at least. But I believe my spiritual shelves are now fully stocked with purely professional contacts, party types, conservatives, religious people, well-to-do, and various other types of people whom I can enjoy but can relate to only so much.

The fact that I know many people but continue to feel as though I need different company is, to me, the Universe’s way of splattering me with that mud. A mud that, when wiped clean will reveal a me that needs to connect more often with those who don’t challenge my censor button, or my patience, or my manners. But people who simply come from a similar mold, and who desire to be with those of the same mold sometimes. I need more “me-type” people in my life. Not better people, just…”me” people.

That’s a short and not very profound answer, but it fits today.

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  1. Kat McNally

    Are you kidding? I think the realisation that you’re yearning for more you-type people in your life is a game changer! As is the truth that you deserve to have more of these people in your life.

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