Launch! “Thank You for Ten” is now live!

Friends, the time is at last here. If you are reading this blog post now, you can, as of this minute, purchase your own electronic copy of Thank You for Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater.

If you would like to purchase it for Kindle devices, go here. If you’d like to purchase it for something other than Kindle, go here. For you non-Kindle types, it should be directly available in various other online stores over the coming days, including Apple and Kobo. But it’s the same file and such that you can purchase in the above link, which can be read in most non-Kindle devices.

The price is 99 cents wherever you choose to get it.

I won’t belabor points and observations I’ve already  made about this process and this product right now. (Though don’t expect me to stop mentioning it!) I have marketing work and other things that I need to continue to do in the coming time, for such is the life of a self-published author. Yet today is about the launch, and at last letting all of you know how to purchase it.

Today is also about thanks. Almost nobody who self-publishes does so without other people along the way, especially during their first time. I want to thank friend and fellow author, J. Lea Lopez for all of her advice and work on the cover. (And no jokes from you, Jen, about helping someone with their “first time”.)  Her help has been invaluable in the last two months, and without her, the book would not be possible at this time. Do buy some of her own work to enjoy as well. Jen, in the future, I will work harder to not let you down again!

I’s also like to specifically thank Bee Javier, photographer and designer of the cover image for the book. (By way of As I shopped for a good image to use, I knew almost right away this is the one I would choose to project just the right amount of theatricality to the cover. My thanks to you again. I hope you consider my words an acceptable compliment to your design!

I thank all of you, my blog followers, tweeps, and especially my friends, for not disowning me as I talked so much about the book the process of publishing it over the last few weeks. I tried to strike the proper balance between effective promotion and obnoxious spamming. Believe it or not, I did blog and tweet about other things during this time. And as I said, I have much more talking and promoting still to do. But those who buy the book will hopefully find it worth all the talk I’ve put into it.

Also, I thank all relevant Divinities up/out/over/in/ there for the ability and chance to do this.

My thanks to my supportive family as well.

And I thank myself. Yes. I owe myself some thanks for being willing to commit to this process.

But no more reading my blog, for today, go read my stories! And if you like them, if they speak to you or move you in some way, the biggest compliment you can ever give me is to tell other people about the book, and recommend they get it as well. Writing positive reviews wouldn’t hurt either, as that helps visibility, but word of mouth is still the best, and most satisfying way to succeed at such an endeavor.

I close with officially asking you to please go purchase my book. They say people still like to be asked, after all…


  1. So how about a “popping your publishing cherry” joke…? No? 🙂

    In all seriousness, though, congrats! Best of luck with this book and all of your future projects. It’s a constant learning process when you decide to be your own publisher, but the more you do it, the less stressful it becomes. Now the fun begins!

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and all your help!


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