Nanowrimo This Way Comes

I mentioned before that I’d once again be doing Nanowrimo this year, but that I’d be going for rebel status. In other words, not technically following the rules, but using the time anyway to get things done and maybe meet some people online. I’m talking about it now, because Thursday I have another Open Letter post due up, so this is the last blog day before Nano starts.

This year I opted to do a collection of short stories. Or at least 50,000 words of same during November. When I first made this decision, I didn’t know if the stories would be connected by so common theme, or if I would just write as many different short stories as I could, with no connection. I decided to go with a common thread for the stories. I’m also down to two choices as to what that thread will be. (Leaning strongly in the direction of one of them, as of this writing.) Who knows, though, might change my mind between now and Saturday.

I won’t be revealing my choices, though. I know how disappointed you all must be to read that, but I wanted to keep the decision “pure” in the sense that I didn’t want other people knowing to in anyway influence what theme I’m going with. Once i do decide and start writing, I may reveal what my common thread for the stories is, or I might not. That too is, for the moment, undecided. Again, I think it might feel more fun to me personally if only I know what the common denominator is. On the other hand, it may be difficult to talk about my progress in the forums or here on the blog if I don’t reveal more. We will see.

I have a sub-goal for Nano this year as well; I want to engage with the community online more. I always try to, through twitter and the message boards, but I’ve not been great at it, really. I’m hoping to post on the forums a bit more often, and just in general feel more a part of things online. Last year I attended a few write-ins at the local library, and those were fun, but I didn’t connect with any of the people there after the fact. (Except for someone I know from elsewhere.) I don’t know that there are any local write-ins this year, so I am going to see what i can get done by way of connecting online.

Maybe I will do word sprints on Twitter here and there. Never did those before, as I am not a fast writer. But I’m being a Nano Rebel, so I might consider doing all kinds of other things differently this year.

If any of you are doing Nano and would like to add me as a friend on the site, my handle is TyUnglebo. Feel free to say hi, and mention you read my blog if you do!


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