I have returned to the blogosphere after some time off for the holidays. Being the first Monday of 2015, it’s time to begin the new plans, continue with existing plans, and psychologically reboot in some ways as the calendar flipping provides a convenient point at which so to do.

I have in years past used the first post of the year to lay out a broad course for the ensuing twelve months. Not resolutions, per se, but a public display of what my strategy for the coming year will be to accomplish the specific goals I’ve laid out for same. As much for public accountability as anything else.

Such posts have been useful to me in the past, and may be in the future again. This year, however, I’m not proceeding in the same manner at the start of 2015. In other words, I’m not posting a specific long list of things I want to accomplish.

Yes, I do have a one man show to perform in February, a first draft of my much beleaguered second novel to finish, and I will be publishing my first novel, at last. And there are plays and there are stories and there are books to read and things to study. Just as there were last year, and the year before and before. It’s all part of an ongoing journey of creativity and productivity in both the professional and personal realms of my life. The nature of the projects change, and the particular goals often alter with the passing of time. Yet the journey remains. I’ve opted to treat this New Year’s more as a road sign than a milestone. Far less dramatic, but far more in tune with the realities of where I am; the work, exploration, pondering and learning is a continuous cycle. January or July, the process of seeing the world and presenting to both reader as well as myself endures. It must, for that is to be alive in a life affording scope, I dare say.

Despite the potential rewards and the personal improvement intrinsic in such an approach, it also brings with it some struggles, and sometimes plain exhaustion. Good exhaustion, the kind the ironically can stimulate ones soul,  but exhaustion nonetheless. If I am to engage in such a journey, I don’t need to extra weight of ritual and artificial chronological ornamentation such as that of New Year’s Day and resolutions and “Looking Back at 2014” holding me up. I need only to continue that which I have always been trying to do, and seek to improve myself and my various approaches along the way.

So yes, a New Year on this blog begins today. But in the end, it’s Monday, and I have a bunch of stuff to do.

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