The Essays are Coming! The Essays are Coming!

I’ll be posting more essays on the blog this year. I don’t mean the type you wrote on a novel in sophomore English, though. What kind do I mean?

Well, to be honest, I don’t have a strict definition or subject perimeter for these pieces. Some will be philosophical, probably. Some will be spiritual. There will be some on everyday life and observations. Perhaps even some political ones, here and there. If the mood strikes me, there might even be one that leans toward the academic, (but don’t hold your breath on that one.)

The only thing I can say about them is that they will at times be beyond the usual fair offered here on the blog, and that they will be longer than most of my posts. I’ll probably think of some cute or fancy name for such posts, so you can know ahead of time what you’re getting into.

Why do this? Other than this being my website to do with what I please, that is. Essays are not the way to fame or even employment these days, except in rare circumstances. The collective attention span in our society has shortened, and long form writing, (or at least longER form, in comparison to my other stuff) may be a fading endeavor, especially online. Yet as a writer, not to mention someone who thinks and over-thinks as often as I do, I feel the need at times for a more in depth expression of something on my mind. A more lengthy exploration of a topic or question or mystery or experience than a single tweet, Facebook status or regular blog post will allow. And though I doubt these types of posts will be my most popular among readers, they will at least be available for reading. This allows for a certain type of creativity that writing for myself and storing it on a hard drive doesn’t allow.

This isn’t new for my blog, either. I have at certain times posted longer pieces. My September 11th story is one example. (And I consider that some of my finest work of the last few years.) And certainly last years Open Letter Continuum contained some longer, more personal pieces. Just last month I wrote about my experience in a middle school Christmas chorus. That post, in fact, was sort of the impetus of this idea. Something I wrote about for the holidays for pure enjoyment got me to thinking how many other things I could write about in that fashion. So, the idea was born, or at least, formalized.

I’m thinking there will be about one or two such posts a month, though I don’t want to promise anything. Could be less or more, depending on what strikes me at any given time. And again, this is not a project with a specific end or timetable. It’s just an occasional aspect of this blog being made into a more regular one.

I’ll probably post most of these on Thursdays, however. Thursdays feel like an essay day. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s a good topic for a future essay…

In any event, I hope at least some of you that enjoy my introvert and writing oriented posts will stop by and take a little extra time to read some of these essays as the come along. I look forward to writing them without fanfare, now that I’ve informed my readers of this intention.


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