Meet the Character: Matt Blackwell

As part of the lead in to the summer publication of my novel, Flowers of Dionysus, I’ll be posting about certain aspects of the novel, to give the world an idea of what sort of work it is. Today I’m talking about one of the point of view characters, and the main protagonist, Matt Blackwell.

Matt (short for Matthias) minored in the theatre arts in college, after being bitten by the acting bug during his studies in mass communication. He appeared in one particular traveling college production at that time that formed his perceptions about acting for years to come. It was during that production, and because of one audience and venue in particular that Matt came to realize the potential power and exhilaration of acting on stage.

The novel, however, takes place about ten years after Matt finishes college. For a few years after he graduated Matt spent much of his free time and creative energy appearing in various local community theatre productions, to sometimes great acclaim. Yet as time went on and local talent pools changed and decreased theatre began to lose its luster for Matt. What once was his passion and a major outlet for him became almost like work once he became one of the few locals who put as much effort into his part. No longer a driving force in his life, Matt gave up acting. Only a good friend in desperate need for a replacement actor convinces him after a two year hiatus, to step back onto the boards in her production.

Matt works as a copy writer for a non-profit agency, despises coffee and cooks most of his own meals. Unmarried, he lives alone in a small apartment in a medium sized town. Quiet, introverted, observant, and a bit of a skeptic at times, what he sometimes lacks in charisma he makes up for in knowledge, talent, frankness, and a willingness to help others.

He is determined to make this production his official last, even though his friends don’t know it. Will Matt give up acting on a high note, or will he live to regret taking part in this troubled community production?

Find out this summer when I release Flowers of Dionysus for purchase.




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