Must I Bear Being a Bore? Not Yet.

I think I might be boring.

All right, that might be a tad harsh on myself. Still, this week I’ve been forced to wonder.

Twice in the last week I started a blog post, only to be struck with a sort of deja vu after a paragraph or so. In both cases I discovered, upon researching this blog, that I had addressed both of the intended topics before.

When it comes to craft posts, such as about writing, there is going to be some repeat over time. I accept that. If as a writer I struggle with a certain question related to my work, it’s not so weird that after some time I’d explore it again on this blog, particularly if I had gained new insight.

Yet only one of the would-be posts from this week was craft-oriented, and I had no new insight to offer. I just overlooked the fact I had written about the topic already. The second article was about my personal life, and didn’t involve writing.

Granted, several years have elapsed since I wrote the post on my personal life. Yet still, coming back to the topic without immediate knowledge that it had already been addressed here made me wonder if I need to get out more. Am I so stuck on the same concepts in both writing and life-experience that I’ve officially run out of fresh things to say? Has the well run dry? Do I do so little in this world that I have a finite number of experiences and thoughts on same to share with readers? That thought is almost depressing enough for me to go buy a beer, and I almost never have beer during the week, or at home.

Yet, I’ve calmed down a bit. This near-repeat has not happened often in the history of my blogging. In fact, only a handful of times before, to the best of my knowledge. This week was the first time, as far as I know, that I got far enough to start a post twice before catching myself, but I did in fact catch myself. And it all may say more about this particular week than my life as a whole.

Still, there may be a slight lesson in this brief, accidental flirtation with being a bore. While I can’t leave the country or dine in some exotic restaurant in the near future, I can probably branch out a bit more than I have in the last year. Heaven knows I will never be on the run constantly, as I am still me, after all. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t bury myself in activities all day every day. However, poking around a few tiny, local unexplored corners, both physically and mentally is not such a bad idea. Of course I’m not running out of things to write about, but I may not so readily fear that I am if I look a bit further than I’ve been looking over the last few months.

Maybe I do need to get out more. Or if not, in the very least, I need to get out differently. If so, I imagine I’ll be more likely to gain new experiences that have more than a passing impact on me, about which I can write in the future.

And I can save on beer money for the time being.


  1. Laura W

    I don’t think your posts are boring. It is really hard to think of new things to post about, and it’s probably inevitable that you get stuck on a lack of insight or a repetitiousness to your posts. I know I do.

  2. Thanks, Laura. And you’re right; it can be difficult to be fresh with material every single time. I’m a bit hard on myself for such things, though. But I’m forgiving myself for it this time. =)

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