Lawn Care Metaphor

Last summer, a dead tree in our yard had to come down. Medium-sized. Some family with the right equipment came over and cut it down into larges pieces, leaving the pile of wood that has recently been an apple tree in a pile in the backyard.

One thing led to another, and I never got around to renting a chainsaw as I planned to do, to get the tree into even smaller pieces. Over the course of the year, I was unable to mow the yard in that area, obviously. So weeds and all kinds of fun stuff grew threw and around it.

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing something about the situation.

I haven’t proceeded in the most efficient way possible. I’m using an old “sickle-like” tool to hack away at the tall weeds just enough to give me access to the chunks of dead tree. Just enough so I can (hopefully) see any snakes and/or other creatures before they see me as I walk. Then I reach my gloved hands into the woody entanglement, yank a few times, and some piece ot the other eventually comes free of the pile. I drag the piece to another part of the yard, and returned to the weed garden, to continue the inefficient hacking with the ill-suited tool, until I can reach more huge pieces of the tree.

Every so often I rake the dead grass and smaller twigs into a pile, which I plan to deposit into a container at some point.

Like I said, grossly inefficient way of undertaking this project.

Yet, progress has been made. About half of the heretofore avoided woodpile in the weeds has been removed. Plus, it’s good exercise for me.

Why do it this way? Because it was time to get on with it, and it’s what I had available to me. No chainsaw this week. No weed wacker. I had a rake, this sickle thing, and a determination to get on with it. And I’m getting on with it. If I had better tools to do it right now, I’d use them. I may try to find some this weekend. But if not, I’m still proceeding in the slow, tiring manner of the last few days.

I don’t mind mentioning that something occurred to me as I was doing it; it’s a lot like my life so far. I have gotten things done, slowly, eventually, after much exhaustion and without the proper resources. Here and there I have had what I needed, but much of the time, I’ve been hacking my way through the weeds.

I won’t pretend I don’t get sick of it sometimes. It would be nice if once i a while someone would lend me a weedwacker, or at least come help me out with their own cheap sickle-thing. But until/if that happens, I have to believe I am slowly but surely going somewhere worth going.

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