Launch! My Novel is Now Available in Ebook Form!

You’ve seen me mention it, analyze and worry about it, share details with you about the process and introduce you to the characters and the setting. It’s been more and more the topic of my blogging and conversation in the real world in the last two weeks. And now, at this moment, it is official: Flowers of Dionysus, my contemporary fantasy novel about community theatre is available for purchase, for $2.99 USD.  So please go do so, as I would very much appreciate your reading the story, and being moved by same.

Official Cover

For you Kindle types, the book is for sale on Amazon. Click here.

If you are an Apple person, you’ll want to follow this link instead.

For other formats to read on various different e-readers, head over to Smashwords, and buy what you need.

For those of you who would prefer to hold a paper copy in your hand, this option is not yet available. However, I am considering the possibility of a print-on-demand option sometimes before the end of the year, so stay tuned for that possibility.

And of course, if you do purchase a copy and enjoy what you read, please do an indie-author the best posible thing you can do for them and their work; please leave a positive review of the novel on your preferred medium, or on Goodreads. The book is listed there.

This of course will not be the last time I mention this novel, and the chance to buy it. But for now, I thank in advance all of you that follow this blog for listening to m write about the novel, and especially thank you to those who plan to buy/read it yourself.

The journey begins for my first novel. I hope you’ll be a part of it.



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