Please Vote For My Story, “The Cave.”

It’s been quite the 24 hours in my writing life. Yesterday, of course, I launched my novel, Flowers of Dionysus for purchase in ebook form. (Please consider it!) Just today, though, I was informed via email that a flash story I wrote called “The Cave” is one of five finalists in this month’s Writer’s Digest flash fiction contest.

The winner is chosen by public vote in the comment section. So if it’s not too much to ask just one day after asking you to buy my novel, please vote for me in the comments section of the finalists page. (Assuming of course you like my story, and I think you will.)

The winner will be published in a future print edition of Writer’s Digest, and that would really mean a lot to me and my career. So this is a great chance to thank me if you have enjoyed this blog over the years.

As I told my friends on Facebook today, I now promoter and not just author. Such is the case these days. I try to promote the work of other indie authors as well, but between now and the voting deadline of July 17, I am my own favorite cause!

Thanks everyone.

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