Off Next Week

Not that I feel anyone sets a schedule based on my publishing posts here on the blog, but as a general matter of courtesy I wanted to mention that I’ll be taking next week off from blogging. (Unless something really great happens unexpectedly, I suppose.)

This is a medium-sized deal, because I don’t think I’ve ever taken a week off officially. I’m actually fairly proud of how regular I am with posting here just about every Monday and Thursday. (Though I miss Thursdays far more often than Mondays.) I “feel” the expectation to post here each week. That is to say, it has become habit, and that’s a good thing for any type of writing, I would think. Regular writing of some kind benefits all types of your writing.

But so does taking an intentional break from even regular stuff such as this blog, hence this decision.

Very little chance I'll spend my week off like this.

Very little chance I’ll spend my week off like this.

My parting advice for over the next eleven blogless days is that you also remember to take a break from your regular routine(s), even your writing. We’re all people, and we need to be refreshed occasionally, even in our vocations and jobs.

So, I’ll see you a week from Monday.

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