Contest Submission Complete

True to my word as expressed last month, yesterday I entered a larger scale writing contest than my norm. Entrance fee and everything.

It’s said and done now, so there is no undoing it. I’m not wild about having paid 20 bucks for the chance to lose. Yet I trust, for the most part, the sponsor of the contest, so i went with it. That’s the key to entrance fees, I suppose: trusting the sponsor of said contest.

That, and I’m rapidly approaching the end of the year, without having fulfilled my personal quota for contests. I suppose it will be easier each time I do it.

In the end, they are good ideas, assuming they are reputable. I know this, and the potential exposure for winning, or even just coming in second place are probably worth the 20 dollars. (Except maybe the flying to a writing conference…I’m a bit put off by that possibility, as I have never flown, and have no desire to do so. But I will cross that continent when/if I come to it.)

I submitted when is best described as a horror story, I suppose, though that doesn’t quite fit. If the editors at the contest should decide to keep it in that genre, however, and should I win something, it will be the second time one of my horror stories has gained some recognition from a contest this year. (And I have only ever written about three horror stories total, lifetime.) The irony alone of winning this contest, should I so so, would be worthy of its own novel.

I have a few more contests to enter this year, if I am to meet my personal quota. Any suggestions?

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