Unlocked: An anthology

Today I wanted to let everyone know that a piece of my flash fiction is part of an anthology now available here on Amazon. Titled Unlocked the anthology is a joint effort by members of a Frederick, Maryland writers group of which I have been a member.

Each story in some fashion involved a key, in homage to one of our local heroes, Francis Scott Key, author of The Star Spangled Banner.

The profits from sale of the anthology will go to out local literacy council.

Sci-fi, literary, fantasy, and several other genres are represented within this collection of micro-fiction.

So consider treating yourself, or someone you know, to some short-fiction, while contributing to a worthy cause!

Side note: This will in all likelihood by my final original post on the blog for 2015, though I plan to repost some Christmas-oriented material throughout the remainder of the season.


  1. Congrats! That’s fantastic!

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