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In my last post, I mentioned that for the sake of diversity in my reading, I should put forth a greater effort to seek out minority authors and their stories. Read the past to see why this is important, in my opinion.

Yet it brings up a far less important but nonetheless interesting issue about me as a reader; I rarely seek out specific authors, for any reason.

I know. How can an author not research other authors for the philosophy, tone, biography, works and other such things when deciding what to read? Or at least remember the names of authors? (I have to admit in most cases, when i am done reading and return a book, I don’t remember the author’s name.)

Plus, how awkward it must be for me when people ask me, “what authors do you read?” Actually, I don’t get asked that exact question every day or anything, but it does come up from time to time, and when I am honest with myself, I have to say that I don’t have any “regulars” that I follow.

Maybe I should change that. I’ve pursued new fiction to read in roughly the same fashion my whole life. I go by my mood. If I’m in the mood for suspense, I browse suspense, and pick up the book that sounds the most interesting. Same with other moods and genres. I make my decisions based on stories I think I will enjoy.

Only a handful of times have I enjoyed an author’s work, and then made note to try something else by them. Each fiction is such a self-contained universe to me, that I give little though to the creator of that universe when I’m done. Even when I want to look more into an author’s work, I usually wait a while before I so do.

If someone says, “I read Grisham,” that opens a solid door in conversation. “Have you read his latest?” Or, “Me too, my favorite is…” I, however, have in the last ten years or so read books by about 30 different people, and been a repeat customer only a few times. I have to look up who wrote the book I want to mention in such a conversation much of the time.

Maybe I’m just afraid of narrowing my scope. I read slower than most people, after all, and if I commit to reading all/most of an author’s opus once I like one of their books, I could be on that authors for quite some time, depending.

That could be a good thing, though, I suppose. Or maybe it really doesn’t matter much at all. Maybe there is nothing odd or hypocritical about an author not paying much attention to other authors.

Then, as with so much, I may be overthinking all of this.


“Dude thinks I wrote Old Man and the Sea. I didn’t correct him.

Still, this year may be the year to dive back into some author’s I have enjoyed previously. I already have a long epic on my shelf written  by the same person who wrote a different epic I enjoyed years ago. (I don’t read epics much.)

Do you have favorite authors that you follow, no matter what their latest is about?


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