Title Reveal

As you know, my next novel is my first murder mystery. A cozy mystery, in fact. I wrote the first draft about two years ago as part of Nanowrimo, and let it sit for a while. Over the last six months I’ve been revising. There is more revising to do between now and my planned summer release date.

But, it now has a title, other than Mystery Novel which is what I’ve been calling it. It’s working title among my notes and files has been Exeunt. But no more. Henceforth, I shall refer to my upcoming title by its recently selected proper title:

Murder, Theatre, Solitaire.

I recently sat down and compiled a list of 30 possibilities for titles. I put no restrictions on my imagination for this list. If it sounded like a title, I put it on the list. A few were cheesy to the point of embarrassing. Most were just boring. About five really spoke to me, but this title won out in the end because I like the diction, and the simplicity. I like how it indicates right off that it’s a mystery novel. (Something I decided was important for marketing purposes.) And I’m using the “less American” spelling of “theatre” because that’s how I’ve always spelled it. I didn’t for my previous novel, but this is a title we’re talking about!

It also describes some other aspects of the story. Which ones? No spoilers here.

As I said a few posts ago, it’s time for me to get this name out there, and to talk up the process of this novel. I’ll be mentioning things about it over the coming months, updates and such. I will likely chose to call it MTS for short much of the time, so just be ready for that. And since that’s not actually the title, but just some letters, I won’t bother with underlining that every time. Just laying out the ground rules here.

No to update my various social profiles with this title and release time. It will be in June, but I don’t want to set the exact date in stone just yet.

So now that my mystery’s title is no longer itself a mystery, I’m off to do some updating.

Stay tuned.

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