Cover Reveal: “Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.”

Okay, so here it is! No countdown, or contest, or giveaway or anything of that nature. I’m just happy to share with all of you the official cover of my upcoming murder mystery novel.


Pretty cool, right? And simple. Or cool because it’s simple.

The cards were a pre-existing stock image. The words, obviously, are my additions.

I tried many variations on font and size, all of which had their charms. But after consulting with friend (and designer of my two previous covers) J. Lea López, this one came out on top.

Without giving away plot points, I like to think the title with this cover sheds light on the major aspects of the book a reader can expect to find. (A theatre director who enjoys solitaire gets tangled up in a murder mystery, and uses his theatrical perspectives to try to solve same.)

I’m happy with how much I’ve learned about designing a cover myself this time around. I grant you, it makes use of the stock image. But compared to what I understood of the mechanics of this sort of thing last year, and the year before, I’m much further along the indie publishing journey this time, insofar as how much I have done on my own. I’m not saying I’ll do it all by myself for every single cover from now on, but there’s a certain satisfaction in doing so this time.

As for the book itself…no release date yet. I’m still aiming for early summer, but I wouldn’t want to announce and have to take it back. But I would call this the home stretch. I want to tidy up a few scenes, and add an element or two here and there. Plus one final review for errors, and it will be ready for formatting and publishing.

By all means, stay tuned!

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