Launch! “Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.” is Live!

Well, here I am again, announcing the launch of another novel. I will admit, it’s not as scary or roller-coaster like as the first time, but nonetheless I’m happy to make my first ever murder mystery available to all of you.

For you Kindle types, you’ll find it here. Other formats are available right over here.

If you are at all a mystery lover, I ask you to give this one a try, at $1.99, and be sure to rate it and write a review if you liked it, if you please.

Off we go.


  1. Yay! I was wondering, is it available on Nook?

  2. Yes! Or at least if everything went as it was supposed to, it should be. You’ll need the Smashwords link. That’s here.

  3. Oh, OK! Thanks.

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