MTS in Paperback.

I wanted to take this chance to let all of my readers and followers know that my latest novel, Murder. Theatre. Solitaire. is now available in paper form, here. (Sans my cool cover. My skills don’t extend that far just yet. But the cover template is actually very nice and matches the mood of the piece quite well.)

So if you are not part of the ebook crowd, do please order a printed copy.

They say ebooks are down over the last year or so, and that paper books are “making a comeback” as far as sales are concerned. This wasn’t the impetus for me venturing into paperback territory, though; I’d been thinking about taking this step with this book for a while now. Ideally the ebooks and the paperbacks would have the same cover, and perhaps one day I will learn how to do that so I can publish both e-copies and paper copies of each of my books each time. But seeing as how this time around I’ve written a mystery, I thought it would be nice to have available for Halloween in physical form.

I’m not as successful so far as some of you have been in both mediums. Indeed, I’m not as far along right now as I’d like to be for myself, either. But the beauty of indie publishing is that one can take one’s time, and get used to certain processes before deciding to proceed with same on a regular basis. Based on this experience, though I will probably remain mostly an e-publisher, I feel more and more comfortable with the paper side of things.

The ebooks will of course remain available. Whichever you buy, please leave a review of it on Amazon. This indie-author and blogger would deeply appreciate that.

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