Coming Soon: My First Non-Fiction

My third novel will be published sometime this summer, but before that, (on an as yet undetermined launch date) I will publish my first book of non-fiction. It’s called, Thoughts I Wrote Down Because I Hate Talking To People.

Snarky, no?

It will be a collection of about 20 informal essays, written by yours truly. It consists of my thoughts and general observations on such things as food, library visits, body language and even an apartment I used to live in, among other topics.

It will also have swear words. I know that may shock some of you, but I was determined, when I started this project, to write my thoughts in the manner I would speak them, and that does include profanity. Not, in my opinion gratuitous profanity for its own sake, but profanity nonetheless. Sometimes an adult uses profanity when the express thoughts, what can I say?

Might not be a bad thing at that; it may mean I’m more honest than most people, according to a recent study or two.

But profanity isn’t the point of the collection, nor of this post. It’s all by way of saying that the collection, which I hope will be equal parts humor and insight, sarcasm and reflection is pure me, if you will. I will be editing it for quality of course, but I told myself from the beginning that whatever essay I chose to write would not be censored, for language, length or topic. The purpose of the collection on the whole, however, is to get to know a bit more about me, and they way I think, by means of the written word. (One of my strengths, after all.)

In the course of getting to know me, I hope readers will also come to recognize a bit of themselves. Some of the topics I feel are universal, others are particular to me, but all are sincere and straightforward, what I call “informed meanderings,” which I hope will at least give pause for a laugh or a thought.

Because I’m not famous at this time, I realize people won’t be lining up to get a slice of my thoughts. So it will probably be free. (I’ve not worked out the marketing preferences yet.) Perhaps if a few people get a feel for how I think on random topics and enjoy it, their want to check out my fiction as well.

If not, though, I can still  hang my hat on my candor this time around.

So keep checking back for updates, including cover reveal, launch date announcement, and so on.

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