Launch! “Thoughts I Wrote Down…” is Now Live!

The time for even more of my opinions has come. My essay collection, Thoughts I Wrote Down Because I Hate Talking to People is now live at several merchant sites. It will become available in several others in the coming days. Here is a universal link to see if your preferred source for ebooks has it.



As with my last free book, it is not available on Amazon itself at the moment. The reason for this is that to make something free on Amazon, it must remain exclusive for a time to Amazon, and I did not want to take that step with this book. You can, however, find a file of it among the sources that is Kindle friendly, if that is you preference. (Something should be done to make free books easier to place on Amazon, however. That’s getting a bit old.)

I don’t yet know if I will have paperback copies of this published, since by page count it is rather short. I will consider it, however.

Until then, please enjoy my thoughts, ramblings complaints, pleas and ponderings that make up this volume. As always, if you enjoy, leave a review if you please, at your preferred source.


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