Launch Date for The Beacons I See

I’m happy to once again reach the stage in the novel-writing adventure where I can share with the world when to expect its publication.

You won’t have long to wait from today. The Beacons I See, my third novel, will be available in ebook form starting on Saturday, July 8th! Starting price will be, as with most of my new releases, $1.99.

I do plan to make this one available in paperback as well. But I will need a little more time to get everything together for that. Hopefully that will be happening before the end of summer, if not even sooner. I will keep those of you paper-lovers informed as to when that happens.

So enjoy the holiday in July, and when that is all over, welcome the weekend after with my latest novel.

The Beacons I see


  1. Karen

    TY: I just found your old blog (I was reading a column about introversion and small talk). It was fascinating and well-written, and I was so glad you provided the information for your newer blog, Just logged on today and saw you published a new book! Congratulations!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for posting all these interesting and thought-providing pieces. I’m looking forward to reading more and checking out your book!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Karen, and for your kind words. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, and hope you continue checking back as I post about introversion, and other things! –Ty

  2. Karen

    P.S. I’m an attorney in Virginia and an extrovert, so I’m fascinated about learning more about how introverts live… I have so many of them in my life and am intrigued by the differences, and, of course, the similarities. Thanks for writing.

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