Launch! “The Beacons I See” is live!

The time has at last arrived, friends. My newest novel, The Beacons I See is now available for download, at a cost of $1.99 at the following ebook stores. (With more to come!):

Don’t worry, Kindle folks, I have not left you out. Due to a quirk that I think I may have accidentally engaged, Kindle versions won’t be available until Tuesday… (Amazon and I are not the best of dance partners.) However, you can still buy your Kindle copy right now, and it will be sent to your device on Tuesday. The link to do that is below.

These four stores are by far the most popular, but I have distributed it to others as well. I will update this post as the novel arrives at those locations, in case you use one of those.

By the end of the month I hope to also have it available in paperback. First things first, however. Need to take care of the ebook side of things this week.

As a reminder, here is the official synopsis:

Vanessa is a highly sensitive person on the Autism Spectrum. Like the other women in her family, she can see promises. Anywhere a promise has been made by people, she sees spheres of colored light she calls beacons. Mostly she overlooks them, and mostly she prefers her solitude.

One day on a much needed vacation to the family cabin, Vanessa sees the impossible: a beacon high above the trees, where no normal person could possibly promise anything.

Torn between investigating the woods with the help of strangers, and following her original plan to withdraw from the stresses of the world, Vanessa spends the summer learning more about her gift, herself, and her relationship with other people.


The Beacons I see

Thank you in advance for those who purchase a copy of this novel, which began last year when the first few lines came to me in a dream. If you like it, please remember to leave a rating and review on Amazon, or on Goodreads. It helps a lot folks!

UPDATE: (7/10/17)

Here is a universal link that puts all of the separate store links in once place. Those I have mentioned above, aside from Amazon, plus a few more that have accepted the ebook can be found here. Amazon of course remains a seperate link, as is Amazon’s wont.

UPDATE: (7/22/17)

Now available in paperback from CreateSpace. Paperback will also be available on Amazon in the next few days.

UPDATE: (7/23/17) 

The paperback is now available at Amazon, if you prefer to do all of your shopping there.


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  1. alinehan

    Congrats! Will be picking up a copy at Amazon when it’s ready.

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