My Repudiation.

Allow me to begin with what is most important, and what one may assume is the most obvious. (Though such an assumption cannot be made as easily about people today as it was just a few years ago.)

I, Ty Unglebower, disavow, reject, and will to the best of my practical ability confront white supremacism in all forms. 

Nazis. The Alt-Right. The KKK. Whatever name they give themselves in any given place and time, they are all, in their essence the same. I care nothing for any specific claims of nuance between these groups, or in comparison to people outside of any such groups. They belong in the same trash heap of human history.

You want to celebrate your Caucasian heritage? Do so, as people have done for centuries. But once you require a stifling of another race to do so, once you dive into the hysteria of “if not them, it will be us,” you walk into supremacist territory, not matter what anybody tells you.

There is no “ironic” Nazi. There is no “innocent” Nazi. There is no “partial” Nazi. Whatever your fears, your concerns, your pain and desires are, they are rendered instantly and forever irrelevant to me, and to decent people so long as you latch yourself in even the most casual sense to Nazi and similar groups for the sake of advancing even part of your agenda.

These groups have over the course of a long history established without ambiguity what they desire of society. It requires no investigation, no research. The platform of such groups and militias and churches and cults is woven into a tight, complex pattern of violence and hatred. You cannot weave yourself into said pattern for a few kicks, and remain in essence a person worthy of respect. You take on the entire bloody, parasitic mantel of these organizations the minute you throw the stiff-arm, wear the swastika, celebrate the Confederacy.

That association alone may not get you thrown into jail, if you have yet to commit a crime on the books. (Though you’ll do so eventually as a member; it is inevitable.) But legality aside, you cannot expunge from your personal essence the taint of racism and bigotry, and antisemitism and violence accumulated over the decades and centuries of your loathsome predecessors.

Sympathize with the Nazis and you become a Nazi. Become a Nazi, and you are on the wrong side of history and humanity. I tolerate none of you, and none of your reasons for becoming what you are. You can march with a permit, and utilize your right to free speech in pursuit of your anti-American, anti-democratic, evil agenda, but you are still shit. You can have your lawyer when you ultimately break the law, but you are still shit. You are beneath me. I am better than you, as is every single decent person who seeks after the dignity, safety, health and civil rights of all races and creeds and religions.

The forces of true good, the armies of light, the hearts of the righteous booted you into near oblivion once, and by the Deities they will do so again. We will do so again.

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