More for Miscellany

Believe it or not, I don’t try to out and out sell everything I write.

This shouldn’t shock any of you; I offered my essay contest earlier this year for free. (Download a copy of Thoughts I Wrote Down Because I Hate Talking to People if you haven’t yet.)

But I also don’t want to publish every single thing I write as an e-book, even a free one. And there isn’t always a contest or a magazine to which to submit something I write. (Or, full disclosure, some of my stuff has been submitted, and had not won anything, or been selected. Tear.)

In an effort to get some of my work out there which falls between the cracks of self-published story collection, self-published novel, contest-ready entry or potential magazine pitch material, I’ll be putting it up here on my website more often than I have been so far. I’ll tag it with my least used major category here- “miscellany.”

A more quirky essay you’ve seen me post here before once in a while. But I’ll also be posting more long form writings at times. I have a (soon to be reawakened) blog for my poetry, but there are a few pieces I have written that fall somewhere between poetry and essay. (Is that prose-poetry? I don’t know. I’ll look it up after I finish this entry.) I will also probably post some short fiction here.

I have not posted short fiction before, and I don’t expect it will be an every day thing. After all, as a writer I still have hope that some of my short-stories without homes in themed collections will end up winning contests or published in some form or another. Still, if in the end it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere, or if I write something I enjoy, want to share, but don’t want to spend the time and entrance fees on, it could end up here first.

Finding public homes for such stories has been tricky for me. I have a Wattpad, but I have not put anything on it in a while, and I don’t think I’m the right material for the site. I’ve looked at other “share your fiction” sites and have almost joined, but it just feels in the end like another wasteland for my orphaned stories. If they are going nowhere beyond my own satisfaction and a few reads, I’d rather them have a home here in  my actual website.

And don’t worry, I know that putting them here constitutes “published,” and disqualifies it from any magazine or contest that requires submissions not be “previously published.” That’s why You’ll only find fiction here that I have either run the gamut for already, or don’t feel the need to run the gamut for in the first place. Sometimes, believe it or not a writer just wants his stuff to be read.

There will be no specific schedule for such pieces. I hope to get back soon to me regular Monday and Thursday publishing schedule, that I have been off of for a few months now, and these miscellany will show up on one of those days.

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