Announcing a Novella

If you like my author page on Facebook, (and I kindly ask that you do so , please), you already know I’m less than a month away from releasing this:


On February 1, it will be available, in ebook form only this time, for 99 cents.

I consider it experimental in nature, though on the spectrum of literary experiments, most would probably place it on the “tame” side. But experimental is in the eyes of the author to a certain extent, and this is certainly out of the norm for me.

Though there is a hint of a narrative, it is more about imagery, language and themes. To that end, this short work isn’t so much a story in its own right, as it is a brief exploration of stories.

Funny how even though I set no patterns for this piece ahead of time, even eschewed certain recognizable beats, am organic tendency to impress certain orders upon the work sprang up from time to time. I listened to the impulse at certain points, and ignored it at others. After all, I was interested in writing something different than my norm, not in writing something so inaccessible as to be incoherent.

So while this novella, (my first), is unconventional, and lacking the most logical of progressions, I believe, certainly hope, that at any given chapter or page, there is writing to be enjoyed by most readers who enjoy language, and who seek out less obvious themes. (One day I may fully explain all the inspirations behind it.)

For now, final edits and publishing for the start of next month. Hope you’ll give it a try.


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