New Release!

I break my blog-writing hiatus to announce with pride the launch of my latest book.

Frederick County, Maryland has been home my entire life. Much of the writing for this blog, my books, and anything else with my name on it has come to fruition within Maryland’s largest county. And when i get tired of working at home, I like to move about local places, for a change in perspective, and perhaps to encounter new muses.

This books is a detailed look at 14 such places I have, from time to time, gone to for writing work. Usually, I do my out of home writing at the library, but when I tired of that fine institution as well as home, I seek out any number of nooks, corners, and little thought of locales to get down a few sentences. Some I visited more than others, and there are of course plenty of spots not included in this book. But this is a great primer for those locals who may be looking for different environments for their creation.

It is not mere travelogue, however. In this brief volume, (about 15,000 words) I explore what aspects of good writing and good writing practice can be gleaned from the particular venues. All subjective of course, but so is writing. Perhaps you will find yourself in agreement with what I write.

Here is the link, which will also go into the “My Books” menus at the front of this website.

If you download this free ebook and check out any or all of the places therein, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. CK1

    Sounds awesome! I had no idea you lived in Maryland’s largest county!

    • Yes, by square miles. Population, there are several ahead of us.

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