National Poetry Month ’22

Welcome to April, and to National Poetry Month. First established in 1996, it is a time to both read and write more poetry as an overall appreciation of the craft.

I want to take this chance to mention two things. One is to ask that you head over to the “My Books” section of this website and download yourself a cop of Lodestone Crossing. It’s the poetry book I released last summer, but this is a great month to mention it again. I talk about it in more detail in this post from the launch date, but as a quick reminder, it’s a collection of black out poetry; I took several sources, crossed out most of the words, and made poems out of the words that remained.

It was experimental for me, but highly satisfying. It’s a free download in ebook form, but I hope to make a paper form available sometimes this spring as well.

In addition to this, I plan to write some more poetry this month, some of which I may share here, so stay tuned for that.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I now have an author presence on TikTok. (Screen name, AuthorTyUnglebower.) There I make both serious and comic videos about the art and craft of writing, reading, and general thoughts on authorship. If you are on that platform, or plan to be, I’d appreciate a follow there as well!

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